Farm Animals and Their Health Course


Many people are going back to their roots these days and going into one of the very first professions – farming – but on a smaller range. Small-scale farming is a feasible source of side income as well as a excellent family food source. This course will provide you with resources and knowledge needed to begin improving, getting proper excellent proper care of and gaining from little creatures and animals. You will gain information regarding every part of accelerating town creatures, from choosing the right creatures to increasing and butchering.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify much healthier creatures to use in production and remember problems and benefits of accelerating livestock
  • Recall the information accelerating and managing various types of waterfowl, turkeys, action parrots and rabbits
  • List ways to grow your town with goat’s, lamb and pigs
  • Recognize the necessary activities useful in helping from cattle

Farm Animals and Their Health and fitness Element 1 Segments 1-2
Starting with Your Area and Chickens

Module one provides an in-depth conclusion of problems and benefits of accelerating creatures. Will take a look at the beginning levels of town development, such as choosing the appropriate traditional on what types of creatures you’d like to acquire and the associated cost of start-up materials. Properly to increase chicken to ensure that their highest possible development and as well as potential health problems will also be settled.

  • Farm Expenses
  • The Problems and Benefits of Increasing Livestock
  • Selecting, Increasing and Offering Your Chickens
  • Common Health and fitness Concerns
  • How to Advantage From Your Investment

Farm Animals and Their Health and fitness Element 2 Segments 3-5
Discovering the World of Waterfowl, Turkeys, Game Birds and Rabbits

Module two investigates the information accelerating and moving various types of waterfowl, turkeys, action parrots and rabbits. Working out prepare for ugly these types of creatures is significant as it is a thorough process with many elements. The appropriate ways to handle replication and getting proper excellent proper care of the younger are needed skills to ensure that an effective and healthy and executing town.

  • Common Breeds
  • Selection and Husbandry
  • Handling
  • Common Health and fitness Concerns
  • Reproduction and Looking after for the Young

Farm Animals and Their Health and fitness Element 3 Segments 6-8
Growing Your Village with Goat’s, Lambs and Pigs

Module three information each and every part of accelerating creatures that are a bit bigger and require more proper proper care, such as goat’s, lamb and hogs. We will take a look at what is associated with choice, replication and husbandry. Specific managing techniques for the types focused on size will looked into, as well as potential health problems and disease protection activities.

  • Common Breeds
  • Various Reasons for Animals
  • Selection and Husbandry
  • Potential Health and fitness Concerns
  • Suggested Cage Sizes for Larger Breeds

Farm Animals and Their Health and fitness Element 4 Segments 9-12
Cattle and the Necessary Steps to Profit

Building on the last component, component four focuses on both various meats and dairy animals and what is associated with improving these large creatures. We will also look into two subjects that can be difficult for a beginner, the individuals of medicating and butchering your creatures. Appropriate ways to keep animals much healthier to increase benefit and sexual interest will be secured.

  • Common Breeds
  • Husbandry, Reproduction and Looking after for Calves
  • Common Health and fitness Concerns
  • Administering Medication
  • Proper Means of Butchering your Animals

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Who is this course for?

Anyone interested in animal care


No prior documentation required

Career path

Application of ideas discovered in this course



Study method

Online, self-paced


4 Weeks, Part-time

Awarded by

IACET & Ed-Next Certification of Attendance

Additional info

Exam is included


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